Dental treatments in Turkey, Kusadasi

teethDentists in Turkey. My experience

  • Dentistry in Turkey is so good it attracts «dental tourism» from Europe.
  • Prices are 2-3 times cheaper than European, 1.5-2 times lower than in Moscow.
  • When a complex treatment and implants are required you should only do it where you live. Too many trips are required otherwise.

I am now finishing a four-month-long history of replacing my own dear teeth with implants. The usual reasons: carelessness resulting in abominable neglect. Plus the natural wear and tear. Result: periodontal disease, partial dentures 15 years ago, buildup of unpleasant problems and bleeding for a year already.

I planned to do it all in Moscow and even already went for a consultation and…moved to Turkey. The problem moved with me.

Well, I think, no matter. I settle in, then travel to Moscow a couple of times and everything will be done. First trip to pull them all out all, and then put them all in. Clever, me! Especially since I read that it was cheap in Moscow. Unlike Europe or, even worse, the United States.

Well, so I lived here for some time, spoke to some people. And the people in the area are well to do, there are even really rich ones. So I think — they have such great teeth. Let me see what’s going on with the dentists.

And I quickly discovered everything with them was great. So much so that even «dental tourism» for Europeans developed. They come here specifically for this. Especially in spring and summer combining sea-sun with the dental treatment. European quality for half the price. Istanbul and Izmir are renowned for their dentistry. A large number of clinics and private doctors. With the licenses, qualifications, reputation.

Well, I think, and ask the price. And was actually aiming for Izmir with its very well-known dental clinic at the university. It seemed to be relatively close — 100 km away, and I‘d only have to go a three times, no big deal. How wrong was I … not three, not even thirty three.

I began with a consultation at the close-by Kusadasi. In order to estimate the scale of unavoidable expense. Found a clinic next online which had a website in English and was near the yacht club (center). Wrote to them, arranged a visit. And so I went. And never left them.

As it turned out it was the right choice as my illusions about the 2-3-4 visits when such problems were nonsense. Dozens of trips and I’d be broke if I went to Izmir. What to say about Moscow.

Let me tell more. ADA Dental Clinic, Kusadasi, adadental.net has been open since 2007. The owner who is also the is the main doctor is Dr D Pinar Senyilmaz, PhD, a University graduate with of 2 years of internship in Germany, and a year in the UK. Very nice and businesslike, she speaks three European languages. This is important because my Turkish is not good enough to understand the dental and medical subtleties.

Dr D Pinar Senyilmaz
Dr D Pinar Senyilmaz

Consultation, x-ray and treatment plan were delivered in 12 minutes and free of charge. We discussed the price. As the case was in January and the influx of people from Europe was not high I received a discount.

In general the whole treatment and materials cost me 5 000 Euro. The time required was predicted as 4 weeks to 6 months. And I had to sign papers that I will not have claims if the body does not take the implants immediately, or I can not stand anesthesia or there will be a rejection later or I will not follow the rules and so forth.

And now that I am the end of a fairly lengthy process (although the doctor was away for some time and then I was in Moscow) I made inquiries about the cost of my no-so-simple case in 3 Moscow clinics. And the answer was: 9 000 Euro and higher, sometimes much higher.

Let me guess why.

  • Firstly, of course the rent and other ‘nonproductive’ costs. Well, you know …
  • Secondly, my Turkish doctor with her four assistants do everything themselves, from booking appointments to invoicing and credit control. In a special room they have all the equipment for finishing dentures that come from the production laboratory in Ankara. Therefore I don’t have to pay for goldfish, long-legged coffee-maker and their manicure, unnecessary accountants, drivers and so on.
  • Thirdly, the clinic’s profit is made up of the difference between implant purchasing and selling price, against which the additional costs of treatment does not seem so significant. Me being active, I researched the prices of Swiss suppliers. It turned out they cost 200-250 EUR per implant and were sold to me in Turkey for at 450-500 EUR.

From Moscow I received various treatment plans in which each step cost a considerable amount. Except for a free initial consultation everything else (every x-ray, anesthesia, removal, treatment …) is calculated separately and is not cheap. Even the implants from the same manufacturer were already 700-900 euros. And given the fact that Moscow clinics have sales departments working on ‘patient retention strategies’ I wouldn’t have got away cheaply.

I’m not condemning Moscow doctors. Everyone have their own circumstances and conditions. And for serious treatment with multiple visits you wouldn’t be able to do it anywhere other than locally.

But if you live in Turkey you have every reason to treat teeth here. Quality and reasonable prices – they do have this!


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