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Vacations and improving children’s health

  • This was is the main point. The new built apartment in Guzelcamli which is practically a spa resort was purchased from a rich Turk who bought it for his sick wife.  A lucky coincidence brought me there right at the time he was putting the apartment for sale.
  • It was a unique offer despite a higher price compared to other offers on the market at the time. I viewed a couple of dozens apartments and villas in the three preceding days and was already desperate to find a suitable place. As soon as I saw this one the decision to buy was made within seconds.
  • Conditions recommended to help my children’s condition and maximum comfort came together here.
  • It was and still is the best apartment in terms of location and quality – in the best building of Guzelcamli situated on the best stretch of the Aegean coastline.
  • Once I learned some Turkish and started communicating with the locals most of them confirmed that Guzelcamli was the best place to live. Many Turks who were born and/or brought up here come back for a comfortable retirement having worked for most of their lives in Europe.Гостиная 1
  • It also came fully furnished (with new furniture too) without which it would have been impossible to move and settle in quickly in a foreign country or even in your own. Refurbishment and decoration of a large space may take years.
  •  I bought the apartment to have an opportunity to take my sons (who were 11 at the time) away from Moscow for long periods of time as this is where they acquired asthma with unfortunate forecast. I ended up getting much more than that.

The treatment  

  • This is a place where two flows of air, from the mountains covered in woodlands and from the see, come together. These flows mix and create highly ozonised air rich in iodine which has a positive effect on lungs and the rest of the body.
  • Plus the opportunity to swim in the sea which is 100 m away, mountain walks in Millipark national park 800 m away, and radon thermal springs 10 minutes away by bus in the neighbouring Davutlar.
  • Briefly speaking in four years of staying here for 3-4 months each season the illness disappeared.
  • According to our doctor it was extremely important to create the right conditions during this period of active body transformation as the boys were entering their teen years.
  • And of course the vacations are wonderfully peaceful, with swimming, barbeques on the balcony, mountain walks, incredible sunsets over the Samos island which can be witnessed from the balcony, local cafes on the coast, walks along the sea etc.

About the house


  • It was built in 2002 by Çizem Apartmanı development company in compliance with the new regulations that were toughened after the 1999 earthquake which means strict checks of quality and seismic resistance of the project and materials.
  • The documents including TAPU (the Turkish certificate of ownership registered in Kusadasi) have been held since 2007. Buying directly will save you up to 10%. The fees to pay will be solicitor’s fees for drawing up a sale-purchase agreement.
  • The complex consists of two buildings, each with 12 apartments.  The neighbours are rich Turks (lawyers, doctors and businessmen) from Izmir, Aydin and Istanbul, and Europeans.
  • The sea is 100-150 m away, the national park Millipark-Dilek (mountains, pines, sandy beaches and blue lagoons) is 800 m away, the Zeus Cave (an underground lake with a constant temperature) is 400 m away and the town centre with the market square (with Monday being the market day) is only 300 m away.
  • Getting to Kusadasi (the nearest big town) takes 30 minutes by dolmush (local mini bus) and costs about 4 $ (6 Turkish Lira).
  • Soke which is 30 km away has many large outlets with a wide choice of decent clothes produced locally.
  • The ancient towns of Ephesus, Priena and Didim are 30, 35 and 80 km away accordingly.
  • The town itself has a number of supermarkets of BIN, SOK and TANSAS chains and smaller private shops including fishmonger and butcher within walking distance from the apartment.


  • The prices are cheap comparing to Europe.
  • Overall expenses without the utility bills are approximately 360-400 EU per annum. This includes municipal and national taxes, cleaning and maintenance of territory, lifts, communal lights, management fees.
  • The utility bills for 4 people living in the apartment constantly (water, electricity) amount to 50-60 $ per month. I spend approximately 600-800 $ per year including all fees and bills with the apartment being used for 3-4 months.
  • The cost of food is low, especially fruits and vegetables when they are in season. Chicken is not expensive. Other meats are pricier, especially lamb but are of excellent quality.
  • The local clothes and linens are very good. I would recommend visiting the KIPA supermarket, shops outside the market place of Kusadasi and outlets in Soke. The prices are cheap and the quality and design are very decent.
  • Gold and silver should only be bought in Soke (40 km away). This is not a resort town so the quality is higher and the prices are lower than elsewhere.


  • All tastes are catered for
  • Dolmus minibuses can be easily found everywhere. Waiting times are between 5 and 20 minutes depending on the route. The cost of a trip to Kusadasi  is 4$ (6 Turkish lira) and takes 30 minutes.
  • A big Varan bus (with toilet, refreshments and AC onboard) to Izmir costs 15 lira (10$) and takes 1.5 hours.
  • Taxi from Izmir airport to Guzelcamli costs 150 lira (100$).
  • Car rentals – we usually rent a car for the entire stay which depending on the season costs between 25$ and 40$ per day. A one-off would cost 50-60$. If you are planning to drive much a diesel car will cost less – the fuel is expensive at 3$ per litre or more.
  • E-mail me on adjant@mail.ru


  • People are generally friendly. This is a small town and there is none of the tension often found in big cities. However they do have self-respect and being respectful and friendly is the way forward when establishing contacts and solving problems. Most of the population are well off (the profits from letting and sale of villas and land are good) so do not put up with snobbishness and don’t understand hatred.
  • Many can speak English especially the younger generation. Some people know French and German. Learning basic Turkish is highly recommended as it is not too difficult and will make your life a lot easier.
  • The house management does all the maintenance. The house manager will not refuse your gratitude if the task is outside the usual.
  • You should give tasks one at a time to make sure they will be fulfilled properly. The lifestyle is completely different so no one is in any rush – ‘yavas-yavas’ as they say which means slowly and without much hassle.
  • The neighbours can rarely be seen as they usually only come for weekends. Simply saying ‘Hello’ is sufficient.
  • Meeting people is easy as people are mostly on vacations here and are always happy to have a chat.


Форма турецкой полиции
Форма турецкой полиции
  • Which is total. Children are treated well and no one would even think of hurting them. There is almost no stealing, mugging or burglary in the town as the only road leads to the national park and there are two gendarmes’ posts where it enters the town. The usual arrival time for the gendarmes (which village police. Police in cities is called just that) is within 5-7 minutes from receiving a call.
  •  Local people will find out that you moved in and own your place about ten minutes after it happens. So you will practically become local to them and the treatment will be neighbourly. They won’t treat you or your family as tourists if you behave appropriately. My daughters and wife have never had any negative experiences.


There are a few private doctors who can help if you have medical insurance within walking distance. There is also a municipal medical practice in town and a state hospital in Kusadasi. The ambulance usually arrives within 5-10 minutes. The foreigners who reside here permanently should use the compulsory medical insurance program


  • Water sports and walks, local restaurants and cafes, night market and the Tafana disco on the way to the national park.
  • Kusadasi has a bigger variety and some fancy places. It also has 2 water lands, lots of hotels and restaurants. It is the most Eastern point of call for the Mediterranean cruise liners so has all the infrastructure. I think there is even a casino and some foam beach parties.

AND… Why an apartment and not a villa?

  • The benefits for a family that doesn’t reside here all year round are quite obvious. You can live in the knowledge that you can unlock your door, enter and relax then lock the door at the end of you stay and not worry about it. All issues will be resolved by the House Manager who will also deal with your repairs, electricians, plumbers, painters etc. Whish as you may know is not easy anywhere.
  • There are also some other considerations. Most of the villas are part of a so-called ‘site’ which means that the 6-12 houses are built on one plot of land, are not separated by fences and have to govern themselves together.

    "Сите" в Гюзельчамлы, Турция - GoogleEarth
    «Сите» в Гюзельчамлы, Турция — GoogleEarth
  • Therefore you are in a position where decisions are made by someone else since you don’t know much about local way of life. You only have to options – accept it or confront it, the latter is not likely to improve your holiday experience.
  • The neighbours are also usually numerous and very chatty which sometimes gets tiring. For both parties as they may get frustrated with living next to a foreigner who doesn’t speak ‘normal’ language.
  • The whole mentality and cultural differences…as a result you have a garden but you never use it spending all your time hiding in your concrete house to avoid communication or going out.

Cost and payment

  • 265000 Eu which is based on the unique location within the town and the area, panoramic view, quality of the building and of the flat itself which is completely ready for comfortable living.
  • This is an offer for people who can appreciate comfort, understand saving intelligently, caring for their families especially children and especially if they have any respiratory problems.
  • You can find a cheaper apartment even in our building potentially. But it will be a street view instead of the sea view. And instead of a terrace with swings, sofa, table and chairs you will have a narrow balcony. And so on.
  • I may be open for negotiation depending on your readiness and timing. Payment is to be made in Euros.
  •  You are welcome to view and even try it for yourself any time.

In Russian Here

E-mail me on adjant@mail.ru


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